November 2012

For those of you who know the story of Agnieszka and Mucci. This is the crematorium service who looked after him.

Glenvine Pet and Equine Crematorium, Ireland


Glenvine Pet and Equine Crematorium Service

"a super young man, highly sensitive to the situation and genuinely concerned for both the animal and the people left bereaved"



(IHWT - Voice for Irish Horses Campaign below)


Early in June 2010 we were invited by RTE ONE to present an interview for national radio and television news coverage to highlight the equine crisis in Ireland and explain the plight of the vast numbers of horses, ponies and donkeys suffering through neglect and abandonment as a result of overbreeding and lack of traceability, all exacerbated by the financial recession. We were joined by Kevin McGinley, ISPCA Inspector, who expressed some of the main concerns of the ISPCA and told a harrowing story of a recent pony abandonment. The interview was broadcast on Bank Holiday Monday, 7th June, on the radio and on both the 6pm and 9pm television news. The resulting impact was huge and we extend considerable thanks to Bernadette O’Sullivan who set the ball rolling and to her Sligo colleague Eileen Magna who organised the interviews and highlighted our need for funds to buy extra land for the use of the Sanctuary animals. On the day of the broadcasts we had well over 4000 page hits on our website; a month's worth in one day! . . . and it continued. For the rest of the summer our feet never touched the ground with continuous phone calls and visitors to the Sanctuary; most of it with very positive results.

All of which boosted the already huge response to the Land Appeal (see below); many supported our appeal for funds to buy extra land adjacent to the Sanctuary by donating, sometimes considerable sums of money, and by running their own fundraising events (enormous thank you's are in order!) and we are absolutely delighted to report that negotiations to purchase this further 16 acres were successful!

Thank You, you are truly amazing!


We are now carrying out maintenance to the boundaries and planning extra fences and gateways, hedges, shelter belt planting, field shelters etc etc.... the list grows daily. See Newsletter Spring 2011 to see the new road down the side of the 10 acre field.



We have just been offered the opportunity to purchase 16 acres of land adjacent to and contiguous with the Sanctuary, which would enormously benefit the animals in our care by doubling our grazing area. We currently rent over €3,000 worth of summer grazing to cater for the increased numbers in care or awaiting rehoming.

The purchase price is €58,000 of which we have already saved €10,000 but the rest is needed urgently.

We earnestly acknowledge the considerable support already given over the 20 years of the Sanctuary’s work and know it’s a huge ‘ask’ in the current economic climate to raise this large sum of money but if you feel you can help in any way, however small, from direct donation to fundraising events of all kinds, we’d love to hear from you.

Never before have we asked directly for financial help, preferring people to decide for themselves if they wish to contribute towards our work, and it goes against the grain to be asking now, but as this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity we feel we must include you, our loyal supporters, in this challenge.
Image of dog

Please, please, help us to continue helping donkeys and other equines in distress into the future.

Thank you from all at the Sanctuary






The white line shows the existing Sanctuary boundary.

The added red line shows the approximate boundary of the land offered for sale.







IHWT - Irish Horse Welfare Trust - *A Voice for Irish Horses Campaign*

This is quoted from the Irish Horse Welfare Trust website.

"Many people will be aware of the welfare crisis that has hit Ireland’s horses since the demise of the Celtic Tiger. The Irish Horse Welfare Trust is calling for the implementation of the new Animal Health & Welfare Bill as a matter of extreme urgency to give a voice to the forgotten horses of Ireland.

The new Animal Health & Welfare Bill is currently in the final draft stages in Leinster House. It has taken almost 2 years to reach this stage and yet it is still waiting to be published and brought before the Houses of the Oireachtas. We still do not know when the bill will be finalised. As this has been one of the worst years for cases of equine neglect in Ireland the welfare bill needs to be passed urgently.

The new bill is a starting point for animal welfare legislation in Ireland, repealing the Protection of Animals Act 1911 and Protection of Animals Act (amended 1965).


Although the summary draft of the bill focuses primarily on aspects of farming, such as the control and eradication of animal diseases, and the slaughter and disposal of animals/animal by-products, it also seeks to update the Protection of Animals Act 1911 on cruelty-related offences. It will also include provisions to deal with inspections for specified animals and the conditions in which they are kept.

How can you speak up for the horses of Ireland who need our help? While it is vital for the IHWT to offer help to neglected & abused horses on a day to day basis, it is only through campaign work that we can make significant changes for the horses of tomorrow. “A Voice for Ireland’s Horses” campaign aims to put pressure on the Government to implement the new Animal Health & Welfare Bill, which could help make a difference to the lives of thousands of horses in Ireland."

Find out more by visiting the IHWT website here

Download a copy of the petition here

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